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Recycling is easy at Secure Core Solutions! We do not charge disposal fees for electronic items (excluding certain televisions).

FREE Drop-Offs Include:
Cell Phones
Gaming Devices
Copy Machines
Fax Machines
Paper Shredding
And Much More...

Secure Core Solutions is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and we are a TIBH vendor for Texas, and provides recycling services to local, regional, and national customers. Let us solve your e-waste problem today!

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Product Destruction & Shredding

Millions of computers, laptops, monitors, printers, televisions, and other electronics become obsolete each year in the United States.



Cell Phones






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About Secure Core Solutions

Through effective waste management, Secure Solutions can provide the services necessary for regulation compliance, security, and prevention of improper disposal of harmful waste. Secure Core Solutions is actively working toward the promotion of best practices for electronics recycling. Affiliated with CyclePoint, an existing e-waste disposal network and subsidiary of SourceAmerica, the team at Secure Core Solutions has become experts in the destruction of electronic data and the recycling of electronic components in order for them to be repurposed.

In addition to the expertise gained from our partnership and training with CyclePoint, this affiliation provides us with a wide network of support and a multitude of avenues for expansion.

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Turning The Page on Job Creation

We have partnered with CyclePoint, a subsidiary of SourceAmerica, because of its reputation as a national nonprofit, dedication to ensuring the employment needs of disabled individuals to help provide employment opportunities to those who are Deaf, mentally, and/or physically disabled. This partnership allows HWF to be actively involved in job creation for the populations we serve.

Secure Core Solutions is one of our social enterprises that addresses the need for creation of accommodating jobs while bettering the environment. We have found the perfect partner in CyclePoint to bring SecureCore Solutions to communities across the country. The e-waste recycling industry is growing at a substantial rate. Job training will be provided to every participant and they will gain crucial job experience.

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