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Through effective waste management, Secure Solutions can provide the services necessary for regulation compliance, security, and prevention of improper disposal of harmful waste. Secure Core Solutions is actively working toward the promotion of best practices for electronics recycling. Affiliated with CyclePoint, an existing e-waste disposal network and subsidiary of SourceAmerica, the team at Secure Core Solutions has become experts in the destruction of electronic data and the recycling of electronic components in order for them to be repurposed. In addition to the expertise gained from our partnership and training with CyclePoint, this affiliation provides us with a wide network of support and a multitude of avenues for expansion.

Currently SecureCore is a registered e-waste recycler in the State of Indiana and through our affiliation with CyclePoint are operating under their blanket R2/RIOS, SERI and LEED certification. Although these certifications are not mandatory in order to be an electronics recycler, they are vitally important because they assure that we are adhering to all electronic recycling best practices through annual audits that ensure compliance with the highest industry standards. R2/RIOS, SERI and LEED are the gold standard of certifications in the electronic recycling industry. We share in SERI’s mission “to create a world where electronic products are reused and recycled in a way that promotes resource preservation; the well-being of the natural environment; and the health and safety of workers and communities.”

Secure Core Solutions is able to provide an outlet where companies and government agencies of all sizes will be able to dispose of their electronics knowing that the destruction of their data will be in compliance with the data privacy laws and will also be recycled and repurposed in order to help promote the wellbeing of our environment.

In addition to providing an important recycling service, Secure Core Solutions is also
providing jobs and workforce training for our neighbors with disabilities. We are training and employing the disabled in our facility and also using the revenue generated by this recycling business to help them with life skills training and financial literacy.